Club Permit Scheme

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Club Permit Scheme                                  

Updated by Warrick Tovey,  September 2016.


Conditions for joining the Club Permit Scheme with the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria Inc.

You MUST be a full member of our Club for 6 months before you become eligible to join our Club’s scheme.

BEFORE you proceed with your Club membership and/or a RWC contact me to establish that your vehicle would be suitable to join the Scheme with our Club.


The Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme allows Club members to ride/drive classic vehicles (25 years or older) for a limited time without the requirement of full registration. 

  • It is a Club Permit, not registration, however your Permit covers you with TAC insurance.
  • You must fill out and carry the log book each day you travel.
  • Permits can be for 45 or 90 days and last for 12 months.
  • If you choose a 45 day permit, you are able to take out a second 45 days during those 12 months if you need to.
  • The 12 months starts from the day Vic Roads process your application.
  • You can put your classic motorcycle or car on the Club Permit scheme at any time.
  • If it is currently registered you may receive a pro rata refund for the unused Registration/TAC from Vic Roads.
  • Vic Roads will post renewal papers to you prior to your Permit expiry.
  • If you sell the vehicle, the Club Permit is NOT transferable.
  • You can now use your Classic CP vehicle in all States.

Each time a Permit is taken out (New Permit OR Renewal) I must be contacted to countersign the application as the Club authorized representative.

To join the Club Permit Scheme with the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria you must:

  • Be a Full Member of our Club. (IE. Own a BMW Motorcycle) for a minimum of 6 months before you are eligible to join the scheme.
  • Your Club Membership must always remain current to continue on the Scheme. (Vic Roads requirement)
  • We are obliged to notify Vic Roads if you fail to do so.
  • Your vehicle must be 25 years or older and NOT modified outside the Vic Roads guidelines. [See their website for details]
  • Obtain a current Road Worthy Certificate [RWC] for the vehicle.



Club Permit Scheme joining procedure:

  • Firstly….Contact me….To establish eligibility.

 [Do this BEFORE you obtain your RWC.]

 Initially email me the following as jpg and/or pdf attachments for pre-approval:

  1. Seven dated, Digital pics of the vehicle.  [1500x1000 pixels is ideal]

Front, Back, LHS, RHS, Seating Position [IE. The top of the tank and instruments as viewed sitting on the motorcycle]

 Frame Number (VIN),  and Engine Number.

  1. The Club Permit Application Form Page 1 AND 2  [Completed and signed]
  2. The Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit vehicles form [V.E.S.D.] [Vehicle Details section only] 
  3. RWC
  4. Note – Leave the Club Name box blank.


Pay particular attention to the frame and engine numbers on the forms.

i.e.The digital pics, CP application forms and RWC numbers MUST all match……..…CHECK THIS.   

If you make a mistake, you will need to re-write the whole form.

Vic Roads will not accept cross outs or errors.

If the RWC issuer has made a mistake, the RWC will need to be re-written also.

When I have approved your application you will be given a postal address to send the forms for my signature.  Do NOT send anything in the post until approved. 

ALL correspondence with the Club Permit Scheme [New applications and Renewals] MUST include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

After you receive your Club Permit, email me a scanned copy or digital pic of the:

1.Number Plate

2.Logbook Label Form

This completes our Club records


Extra Notes:

It is your responsibility to become familiar and comply with the conditions of the Club Permit Scheme.

Be highly disciplined with yourself to fill out and carry your logbook each time you ride.    

[Ball point pen.....NOT pencil]

Failure to do this will result in severe penalties if you are checked by the constabulary and found at fault.


If you sell your motorcycle or Permit vehicle, or decide not to renew your Permit, notify me so I can update our records.

The RWC is required by Vic Roads even if the motorcycle/car is currently registered. (RWC's are ONLY valid for 30 days)

The RWC is only required when joining the Scheme, it is not required for renewals.

Vic Roads do NOT require you to present your vehicle. The CP Application forms and RWC is all that is required to process your application.

You can pick up the forms from Vic Roads or download and print them. Here's a link to Vic Roads:

Type in the Search box:

 Club Permit Application


Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles

Vic Roads require hard copy forms and original signatures.

Warrick Tovey

Club Permit Coordinator.

BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria Inc.

0418 994 647

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(If I am unavailable, the President or Secretary can assist with enquires)