The pudding

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From memory, it began life as a Big Sister self saucing pudding in the older style, conical shaped tins, back in the mid 1970s.

It was packed away in a pannier intending to be eaten for dessert at a rally, but for whatever reason, it never got eaten, but continued to be carried around just in case.

Over a period of time, it began to acquire a reputation/legend, as it began to cover some serious kilometres, always in or on a motorcycle, except for one occasion, when it was in a pannier attached to a bike that was run over by a bus. It was transported still in its pannier, on the bike in the back of the bus, and thus was deemed to have complied with one of the conditions of carrying the pudding: it must always travel in or on a motorbike.

It has been to most rallies, Border Runs, OCRs etc, including every extremity of Oz, and has travelled almost every outback road.

The photo attached shows me and Sally, (who was the first woman rider to carry it, in 1987, back from the Cane Toad rally), holding it in its original state, at the twenty-fifth Border run in 2001. But by then it was in need of some serious maintenance. It was beginning to split, and smell. The pudding had long gone hard (it rattles when you shake it) and all signs of sauce had evaporated.

It was overhauled and now resides in an epoxy coating, mounted on a wooden, base plate.

The Pudding
The resplendent Chris McArdle and Sally Walker with the pudding at the 25th Border Run in 2001