BeeEm Reader Survey

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thumbgraphRecently, we contacted all members with an up to date email address in the club’s database and asked them to participate in a reader survey about your BeeEm magazine - What you liked and what you disliked.

Overall, we got a fantastic result. The survey was conducted using a method that allowed simple choices to an interactive form on your computer. From around 600 members contacted, we received returns from nearly 50%, a club record as most conventional post it surveys in the past have been lucky to get a 15-20% response rate.   This method, apart from a few glitches with the technology, produced an excellent and relatively cheap and easy method of surveying the membership.

Most importantly, the responses we received were randomly distributed across the membership, meaning that the results were a statistically valid sample of the membership. We can very confident that our results are unbiased and a true reflection of what the whole club membership feel about the magazine. The results are shown here in the following graphs without embellishment of analysis. The results speak for themselves.

We (the team responsible), thank everyone that participated and can take heart from the results that nothing is broken and that in general, the members are happy with what we do.

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